Raising Up His Church (Part 3)

God desires to have a church that is moving in His power, presence and pruity. Though it is easy to say that, it will take supernatural grace and prayer to bring it to pass!!! Jesus repeatedly quoted from Isaiah 56:7, “my house shall be a house of prayer for all people (nations)”.

To become a church that is moving in God’s best we must emphasize and demonstrate prayer. There are no shortcuts to coming into the power of the supernatural life of Christ. His manifest presence is a mandate for us to possess, to rise and be who we’re called to be in Christ. In the beginning of the early church they steadfastly in prayers (Acts 2:42). Prayer was not something that was done occasionally but it was the very core of their Christian lifestyle. The leaders demonstrated this and knew it was essential to build strong churches and healthy Christianity (Acts 6:4).

There is a supernatural battle that goes on when leaders and believers are a part of the body of Christ and whose goals are focused on building up the kingdom of God. To in this battle, and to avoid or limit casualties, prayer must be the major priority in all we do. In Colossians 4:2, Paul said we are to devote ourselves to prayer. The word in the Greek language of the New Testament for “devote” is the strongest word for “commitment”. Jesus would often withdraw into the wilderness to pray (Luke 5:16) and He would get up in the morning, before dawn, and go alone and pray (Luke 1:35). In the major decisions He made, Jesus would tap into the Father’s wisdom in prayer and then do what He would hear and see. When He had one of the major decisions He would ever make, He would pray all night (Luke 6:12) then, and only then, He would choose His twelve apostles. In facing the cross, Jesus prayed with such intensity that His sweat mingled with His blood and fell on the ground (Luke 23:41-44, Hebrews 5:7). The very last thing He did on the cross was plead, in prayer, for the Father’s forgiveness for those that hung Him there and prophetically proclaimed, “It is finished!”.

We must seek God for God on a daily basis - for our enjoyment and His glory, until we breakthrough into His manifest presence. And then we must intercede and war in the Spirit as He directs us. We must have, as a corporate body, prayer on an ongoing basis, special nights of intercession and seasons of fasting and prayer. Like in the days of Nehemiah, we need to build the work of God with a prayer thrust (Nehemiah 4:9-23).

Leaders in the body of Christ must teach and emphasize and prioritize prayer. There is a very real spirit world that governs the natural world and by joining ourselves to the Lord of hosts in believing Biblical prayer, God’s church will be raised up and the enemy’s schemes constantly and continually ruined. Let us pray!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!