Raising Up His Church (Part 1)

In this series I want to concentrate on biblical principals that will help raise up and activate healthy New Testament churches. In this teaching I want to emphasize “team ministry”. Paul declared in 1 Corinthians 12:14, “The body is not one member, but many”. It is Godʻs heart that all true members of the body of Christ function in His anointing and in their God ordained ministries. Much unnecessary pressure has come upon full-time leaders and the committed core of local churches because of the lack of team work through the whole body of Christ. What made a destroyed city and broken down walls to be rebuilt in the days of Nehemiah? The people chose to rise and build (Nehemiah 2:18).  Nehemiah or just a few people could not have done such a daunting task. It took all of Godʻs people working together. Do it again, Lord!!!

In team work the burden, vision and weight of the work is shared and, because of diversity, the necessary giftings are in operation.

About a year ago, in San Francisco, the Lordʻs Spirit came upon me and gave me this prophecy for a particular local church - but I feel it significantly relates to us all. It was…

Raise up teams: the Lord says “Raise up teams, teams of servants, teams of children, teams of teens, teams of young adults, teams of adults, teams of seniors, teams of women, teams of young girls.

For I want to activate My body and not have the head droop.

I want all to function and to flow in unction.

A complete body that knows and grows in My power and presence. 

A body that can declare and demonstrate My love and heart. 

Activate My body!

For the body to grow there must first come the flow. (1 Corinthians 14:26)

All in team will cause the enemy to scream – "Retreat”

“For I will raise up a new model in a new spirit,” saith the Lord – now abideth faith, hope and love – raise up teams

Release and increase My body

Teams, teams, teams based on unity, love, vision and power for this hour

Prepare the church to move in unity in generational blessings and breakthroughs – growth

A model to behold that will be reproduced


Teamwork started in heaven… In God Himself and His angels and is meant to be revealed in all that His people do for His kingdom. May God release His grace to cause us to multiply our strength, eliminate much of our weaknesses and greatly improve our results through Spirit lead, biblically-based teamwork

Too be continued…